Computer Software Applications

Windows 10:

Operating system. Windows 10 introduces a radically new look and feel that enables Windows for a new generation of mobile hardware devices. Windows 10 also jettisons or changes some familiar elements of the Windows interface. This section is based on the Consumer Preview and Release Preview versions of Windows 10. It explains how the latest version of Windows works, to help users make sense of new features and techniques.

Microsoft Office :

Microsoft’s suite of application software. The Professional version includes Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, and PowerPoint. Microsoft Office is an integrated suite whihc enables the components to be used separately or together to create professional-looking documents manage data.

  Section 1: Basics

This short section introduces essential Office skills, including starting Microsoft Office, using the mouse and keyboard, screen elements, and an overview of the applications. This section also includes Microsoft Office Outlook Essentials Training Course which contains instructions that walk the student through performing many tasks within Outlook thus showing them how to use this powerful tool for much more than just checking e-mail. The student will learn everything they need to know to effectively use Outlook as a total daily organizer, as well as a communication tool, using their e-mail to plan/schedule features and customize the interface itself.

  Section 2:
Microsoft Word

With Word, the student can create letters, memos, web pages, newsletters, and more.

  Section 3:
Microsoft Excel

Excel is Microsoft’s spreadsheet component, it is used to organize and calculate data, track financial information, and create charts and graphs.

  Section 3:
Microsoft PowerPoint

With PowerPoint: the presentation graphic tool, on-screen, dynamic presentations can be created.