Courses for Injured Workers & Chapter 31 Applicants

Courses for Injured Workers & Chapter 31 Applicants

MS Word, MS Excel, MS Publisher, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, Dragon Voice Activated Software, QuickBooks Pro, Property Management software, Medical Billing, Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator, In Design Suite, Pro Tools, After Effect, Computer Repairs, ESL tutoring, Customer Service 101, Job Seeking Skills etc.

All programs are adaptable to any set of particular learning objectives.

Our configuration is ideal for cases where periodical progress reports are needed, independent living services are requested, or where clients are searching for specific skills that are more easily attained with a private tutor, as opposed to enrolling in a traditional college or university.


Geographical Areas Covered

We provide tutoring throughout all of Southern California including Ventura County, the High Desert, San Diego, Palm Springs, and Lancaster, as well as in Central and Northern California including Monterrey, San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento. We also provide our services to out-of-state students.

Services to Vocational Counselors

Prior to commencing any formal training, we conduct an initial situational assessment with the client in order to: determine previous computer skills, if any; evaluate the location where the training will take place; and to explain the structure of the program to the student. After the evaluation is complete, we compose a report that includes: A rationale for training, description of equipment including all necessary software, the required number of hours, weeks to complete training, and a training plan and cost.

Generally, vocational counselors will combine two or more software applications to best meet their client’s specific needs. These are some of the benefits that our specialized programs offer:

  • Proven training plans accepted and approved by OWCP and the VA.
  • Monthly reports, allowing a counselor to evaluate academic progress (or lack thereof).
  • Testing tools that accurately indicate the level of proficiency that students are achieving.
  • Early detection of learning problems.
  • Attendance control and daily reported absences.
  • Assigned case coordinators for each student.
  • High quality equipment and instructional materials.
  • Training is available in foreign languages.
  • Tailor-made programs that combine the most suitable software applications.